Jerusalem Cross
Peace, Harmony and Unity.

The deep black ebony wood contrasts with the five golden brown mahogany crosses. Against a dark background they seem to be separate crosses like the ancient symbol.

Today the Jerusalem Cross represents balance and harmony in the Church and world, a unified reaching out of the Christian faith. The origins of the Jerusalem Cross are lost in the mists of early Christian history and may go back as far as 1500 B.C.

Whatever its beginnings, we know it was adopted as the symbol of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. By the Thirteenth century the Jerusalem Cross was so well established that it was present in every sanctuary and many people tattooed the cross on their arms to show their pilgrimage to the Holy City.

One of the many legends about the Jerusalem Cross tells us the five crosses represent the five wounds of Jesus, the large wound in his side and the smaller wounds in his hands and feet. Another explains that the large central cross represents the Gospel, while the four smaller crosses stand for its spread to the four corners of the world.

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Photo by Ted Wathen, Quadrant, Jeffersonville, IN,